Makeup Service

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Know what you want before you pick a makeup artist

Trust me, the last thing you want on your wedding day is a makeup disaster. It's important to get to know your makeup artist and their style of work before you sit with them and hand over your complete trust to them on your wedding day.

When choosing a makeup artist, you need to keep in mind your taste and style in makeup. If subtle makeup is your thing, going for someone who prefers that style of composition would be wise. Just like any other artist, makeup artists to have their signature style; which they often find hard to completely go away from.
Don't skip that trial.

choose someone that you get along with

When choosing a makeup artist, you need to keep in mind your taste and style in makeup. If subtle makeup is your thing, going for someone who prefers that style of makeup would be wise. Just like any other artist, makeup artists to have their signature style; which they often find hard to completely go away from. Even if disaster does strike on the day (read: acne breakout, bad hair day) your makeup artist should be able to help you fix it rather than add on to your woes.

The makeup artist you choose will be spending your last few hours as a single woman with you. That's the time the nerves are kicking in, and the last thing you need is to be stuck with someone you don't want around. Even if disaster does strike on the day (read: acne breakout, bad hair day) your makeup artist should be able to help you fix it rather than add on to your woes.

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